Company formation

Where this can seem such a daunting process, we ensure it longer has to be this way. More than ever, people are now setting up businesses and going out on their own. We can provide expert advice on forming a limited company to budding entrepreneurs, business owners and any other going concern

Where many people feel forming a company can be simply done themselves, we can offer a great deal more knowledge and advice in this process. In hiring us to do this, you are immediately able to draw on our extensive years of experience.

Should you be looking to set up and form a business, you will need to decide if the company will be a private or public limited company. You will also need to consider the purpose of the company and its capital requirements and even if the name you have in mind is available. So many people over the years have had to rethink this at the last hurdle so we ensure straight away your name is a feasible one.

Incorporation procedures, directorships, shareholding, directors service addresses, post incorporation matters and general other matters are all areas we are able to oversee. Each need to be done so in the most diligent manner and this is something we can ensure. There really is more to forming a company and these are all aspects you can delegate to our team with the peace of mind this will be done in the most correct manner.

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